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How to Perform a Door Installation

Door Installations in Washington DC   Door installation is often said to be one of the simplest parts of home improvement, but many homeowners either have little knowledge or do not know how to perform the installation themselves. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem thanks to a small team of trained professionals. No one […]

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How Casement Windows Different from Double Hung Windows – Window Replacement DC

You may have been wondering which window style between casement and double hung would be best for your home. However, before you order your next window installation Washington, DC service company, it is important that you understand what each style is and the differences between the two, as well as their respective merits.  Casement windows […]

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How to Measure Home Windows for Replacement

Why Measuring Your Windows for Replacement Matters Measuring your windows for replacement is the first and foremost important part of window repair and replacement. Aside from the quality of the windows purchased, the overall performance, comfort, and energy savings provided by your new windows will come back to these measurements in one way or another:  […]