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About Us

customer oriented

from the beginning

Proud to be local and family owned, DC Window Replacement has been bringing family values and quality to the DC area for decades. We offer the top rated glass repair services in Washington because of our traditional values: top tier products, superior service, at an excellent price.  We pride ourselves in our contribution to preserving the historic areas of our amazing capitol city. We have always held ourselves to above average standards in terms of materials, design, and customer experience.

In 1983, we began working with local contractors to grow our brand as we developed our window solutions to compete with the big companies. We poured our heart into our business and this city has helped us flourish to the company we are today.


We are Consistent

Each and every year, we aim to bring more value to DC and the surrounding cities than the year before while remaining consistent in our brand and product wherever we are. As we continue to expand and make new connections with our future clients we focus on expanding our staff to maintain our close relationship with our clients. We replace thousands of windows each year, but we will never replace our valued customers and the service we provide to them.


We are Loyal

Past customers consistently praise the design, energy efficiency, ease-of-use of our products. We consider our customers our #1 most treasured asset, because it is thanks to them that we are who we are today. This is also why we see so many of our customers return to us for future projects, even when they move to a new home.


The Future

Window technology will continue to improve in coming years and you can count on DC Window Replacement to stay up to date on all the changes that are coming. Innovation is exactly what allowed our company to blossom and we will never settle for a mediocre product and service.

Customer Satisfaction is key.

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