Bow Windows

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Bow windows carve out curved new nooks

Bow windows stretch outside the walls of your house to provide additional space indoors, just like bay windows. They provide more design options, daylight and ventilation with a combination of four or more windows in limited wall space. 

Commonly known as: compass window

In a rounded bow shape, bow windows protrude from the outside of a building, usually built using a series of casement windows lined up along a curved frame. Bow windows are similar to bay windows except that bow windows are curved, semi-circular structure that offers a timeless and sophisticated look.

Bow windows are always made up of four or five similarly-sized windows. They are best fitted in exterior walls or corners with 80 inches or more of space, making them more versatile to suit large sizes. Since they extend beyond the exterior walls of a house, bow windows create the illusion of a bigger room with enhanced natural light and visual space. With the addition of cushions or pillows, the space with a bow window creates a decorative shelf or even a reading nook or window seat.

  • Comprise of 4 or more equal-sized panes
  • Extend beyond the exterior of a home
  • Offer panoramic and stunning views
  • Usually fixed pane, but can also be operable
  • Fit best in areas with 80 inches of space or more


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