Bi-fold Patio Door

Choose the perfect patio or front entry door to match your home’s unique style.

Bifold patio doors connect your indoor and outdoor spaces

Bifold patio doors make your patio feel like your home extension. For out-of-sight storage, their multiple panels open in sections and fold up like an accordion.

Commonly known as: folding patio doors, concertina doors, accordion patio doors

Bifold patio doors consist of two or more panels of glass doors that hinge together, creating large open spaces, to open accordion-style.  This door type offers more versatility to enjoy your outdoor entertaining areas. Bifold patio doors easily fold up to create a large opening between the inside and out – Door Replacement Washington DC

Bifold patio doors create a virtual wall of glass when closed, allowing for a significant amount of natural light. The door panels fold neatly when opened, and store indoors or outdoors to extend your living room into the outdoors, perfect for entertainment. Tracks for these doors may be straight, meet at a 90-degree corner, or curve, adding design versatility.

  • Fold neatly indoors or outdoors to create the opening width you desire
  • Ultimate design flexibility
  • Create a wide expansive opening
  • Expand your livable space


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