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If you’re the DIY type and one who’s willing to take a crack at any form of home improvement project, an energy efficient windows replacement or installation may seem too attractive to pass up. However, window replacement and installation projects are not as simple as they may seem. While some types of energy efficient replacement windows are easy to work with, older wood windows may surprise  you with issues that can catch you by surprise.

Why Preserve Wood Windows?

Some of these issues may include my window frames are rotting non-standard replacement windows frame sizes, rotting frame from the inside of wooden frames, rot in the studs, bowing in the frames, etc. Unexpected problems such as these can turn what should have been a straightforward casement windows replacement into a major project. Other issues such as lead paint in Pella Lifestyle Series custom windows that were installed prior to 1978 can even make the project a potential health hazard.

Window Replacement and Installation

In order to start and complete a Pella/Renewal by Andersen/Thompson Creek window replacement job properly, you’ll need to have the right tools for Pella Architect Series. These include an impact drill and screws, oscillating tool, multi-function power tool, 2-foot level, hammer or nail gun, paint multi-tool, utility knife, putty knife, nails, measuring tape, caulk gun, pry bar, vacuum, drop cloth. For protection, you need to have safety glasses, gloves and earplugs.

How to Choose the Best Replacement Windows

Purchasing the right-sized replacement window is critical for this project. Along with the replacement window, you’ll need flashing tape, shims, wood filler, silicone caulk, latex caulk, weather stripping, nails and foam insulation. Flashing tape ensures that there will be no gaps around your window frame, so it is one of your most important materials especially if you are replacing your window because of poor insulation. Shims, on the other hand, will be helpful in stabilizing your bay window replacement and in making sure that your double pane vs. triple pane windows is plumb.

Installing a bay window by cutting out a new opening on the wall for the frame is an even more labor-intensive project and one that requires careful planning. This kind of project is definitely not for the recreational DIY handyman, as a lot of problems can potentially occur if you don’t know what you’re doing.

 Advantages of Hiring Professional Window Installers & Glass Repair Services

If you need a new window and want it done quickly and properly, consulting local window companies professional installers will be a good start to replace all my windows. Window installation experts can complete a typical window replacement in less than a day, something that makes hiring them well worth the cost. Apart from having the skills and experience, professional installers also offer guarantees, workmanship warranties and Free Estimate or “In-home window estimate”.

The Benefits of Hiring Local Window Companies

When on the lookout for professional windows with interior blinds – blinds between the glass installers, it will be a good idea to search for those who have established a good reputation and have been in the business for a good number of years. It will also be a plus to hire pros who have liability coverage to help you feel more secure.

Where to Find Window Installers in Gaithersburg MD

With a history dating as far back as the 1850s, Gaithesburg boasts of ethnic and economic diversity. Its architecture, likewise, boasts of a diverse mix of turn-of-the century rustic European-style homes, ranch-style houses to modern residences. This makes it even more important for Gaithesburg homeowners to make sure to find window installers in the city or from nearby Washington DC who have ample experience working on homes and windows that are similar to yours.

Door Replacement and Installation

Full frame energy efficient doors installation is often considered to be ore difficult than window installation due to the size and weight of doors and their frame. The door is designed to fit perfectly to its frame and if any damage is caused to the frame, the door may not be able to be installed. Another common installation issue is when the installer leaves space where water can get into the frame or wall around the door. This can quickly result in the frame rotting – once this process begins the door and frame will soon need to be fully replaced. For this reason, the door installation process is equally as important as the quality of the door itself. 

Certified Door Installers

To ensure proper window and entry door installation, we recommend working through our certified installers. Our certified installers have the experience to properly install all our doors successfully like patio door installation and basement door installation. When you work through our certified installers you are guaranteed a strong warranty on that installation as well.

Custom Window and Door Options

If you need a custom solution or want to see multiple options, we have you covered. We have seven different product lines for window and sliding glass door options. We have window and door solutions in wood, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminium clad and more. We offer shades between the glass if you want that. Double pane, triple pane, low-e glass coatings, or noise reducing glass, with so many options to choose from you will be able to design your 3 panel sliding glass door and windows to look and function the way you want. Schedule a free window and door estimate today! Call us or fill out the form on the right and we will connect you to our window and door specialists.

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