Sliding Windows

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Sliding windows offer simplicity and a sleek look

Sliding windows feature a one fixed sash and a moving sash that glides alongside the other horizontally. This replacement style is most liked for its ease of accessibility, broad design and flat, compact profile.

Commonly known as: horizontal sliding windows, gliding windows, slider windows

There is a single panel for the sliding windows that slides open horizontally. Although also having an operable sash, they have a wide area of glass, allowing an essential amount of natural light and fresh air to reach the home.

Sliding windows function similarly to a single-hung window where a single sash glides over a fixed sash, however sliding windows open horizontally rather than vertically. They are a classic choice and, through their flexibility, durability and scalability, have remained popular.

This type of window is a great replacement option in areas to where your reach is limited. It typically works best for broad openings that are wider than they are tall.  

  • Compact functionality
  • Easy to operate
  • Option of an exterior screen
  • Essential ventilation
  • Broad views
  • Ideal to use in wide spaces
  • Durability
  • Functions best in areas that open to a patio or deck as the window doesn’t protrude into the outside living area
  • Perfect for sunrooms where broad operable windows are desired
  • Commonly known in areas with minimal space or exterior walkways or living spaces close to the window

Popular Hardware

Various Options:

  • Satin-Nickel Cam-Action Lock
  • White Cam-Action Lock
  • Tan Cam-Action Lock
  • Morning Sky Gray Cam-Action Lock
  • Brown Sky Cam-Action Lock
  • Black Cam-Action Lock
  • Bright-Brass Cam-Action Lock
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze Cam-Action Lock
  • Satin Nickel AutoLock
  • Oil-Rubbed AutoLock

Popular Grilles

Grilles provide a unique look that can be customized to fit your home’s architectural style and add visual appeal to your exterior. In a number of different patterns, grilles can be configured and incorporated with sliding windows in many ways.

  • 6-Lite Prairie
  • Custom
  • Top Row
  • Traditional


Vivid View Screen

Window Replacement’s high-transparency screen is virtually unseen and truly brings the outside in.

InView Estimate

Window Replacement’s standard high-transparency screen offers a clearer view than traditional fiberglass screens available with no upcharge.

Conventional Fiberglass Screen

Sturdy and functional, fiberglass screen enables the light and breeze in with a standard level of visibility.

Replacement Window Frame Materials

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