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Awning windows offer ventilation and versatility

Windows are hinged at the top with the awning style and swing out from the bottom to allow air in.  Their small size gives better versatility in your window placement — high on the wall, above or below another window, or atop a door. Awning windows can easily blend with other windows to add more curb appeal to your Washington DC home.

Commonly known as: top hung windows, top hinged windows, crank out windows, retractable windows

With a crank operation, the awning windows open outward. Like casement windows, they are hinged from the top rather than the side. Awning windows are a perfect choice for letting air flow in because of the way they open. They are also an ideal option to let in natural light and ventilation while maintaining privacy — particularly when mounted higher on the wall.

Awning windows are popularly used in combination with other windows to increase visual variety and ventilation above or below a stationary window. They also appear attractively in areas that are hard to reach like above a kitchen sink, or even above a door as an operable alternative to a transom window. Awning windows are also perfect for rooms that require privacy like a bedroom or bathroom that can be enhanced with natural light inside. 

  • Can easily blend with other window combinations
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Can have a modern or classic look
  • Can add light to private rooms

Popular Hardware

Essential Collection

  • Champagne
  • White
  • Brown
  • Satin-Nickel
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Modern Collection

  • Saldo Satin-Nickel
  • Saldo Polished Chrome
  • Matte-Black
  • Brown
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Popular Grilles

Grilles provide a unique look that can be customized to fit your home’s architectural style and add visual appeal to your exterior. In a number of different patterns, grilles can be configured and incorporated with awning windows in many ways.

  • 14-Lite Prairie
  • Cross
  • Custom
  • New England
  • Prairie
  • Top Row
  • Victorian
  • Traditional


Vivid View Screen

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Conventional Fiberglass Screen

Sturdy and functional, fiberglass screen enables the light and breeze in with a standard level of visibility.

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