Sliding Patio Door

Choose the perfect patio or front entry door to match your home’s unique style.

Sliding patio doors draw in sunlight and save space

Sliding patio doors have wide panes of glass that can fill your room with light and provide your outdoor space with unobstructed views. Instead of swinging out of it, one operable sliding sash easily glides along the track inside the frame, giving you more functional room on your patio and in your home.

Commonly known as: sliding glass door, gliding door, sliding door

Sliding glass patio doors include two large glass door panels. They offer flexibility with furniture arrangements giving you more functional space on your patio and in your Washington DC home, as one operable sliding door panel glides easily along the track within the frame instead of swinging open. 

The wide glass panes of a sliding door allow a large amount of natural light into the space and also allow unobstructed views of the outside. This can create an illusion of having a bigger room. Sliding glass doors glide easily along the track so they are convenient to operate.  

  • Easy operation
  • Large panes of unobstructed glass
  • Flexible room arrangements with more usable space
  • Sliding screens and Rolscreen are available
  • Design flexibility


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