Window Installation and Glass Repair in Annandale

Have you considered a window replacement and installation project for your home? You may not be aware of it or even suspect it at all, but your replacement windows may be making your home consume more power than it should. Such wasted energy can run to hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year in electric bills. According to several research studies, faulty windows and those with poor insulation can make your home consume up to 35% more power than it should.


Understanding Energy Efficient Windows

This is likely the case with single pane windows that are inefficient at keeping indoor heat inside the home. Houses with aluminum windows fare even worse in terms of energy efficiency. Along with its susceptibility to corrosion when exposed to the elements, aluminum is a poor window frame choice if you are looking to cut down on power consumption. Does this mean that you should consider a window replacement and installation project if you have aluminum windows?

Window Replacement and Installation Project: Do You Need One?

Having aluminum window frames gives you a compelling reason to replace it with energy efficient windows. However, there are other good reasons why you should consider having your energy efficient replacement windows. Among these reasons include wood windows that no longer open and close properly, rainwater or moisture may be seeping through gaps and you may see telltale signs of rotting frame. If left unchecked, these casement windows issues may become an even bigger problem, particularly my window frames are rotting that can migrate to the main house frame.


Benefits of Hiring Local Window Companies

Pella/Renewal by Andersen/Thompson Creek window replacement project may look too exciting to pass up for those who are confident of their carpentry skills. It is important to note, however, that while a custom windows replacement and installation project may seem easy, it can present you with unexpected problems. These may include bowing on the Pella Lifestyle Series window opening, holes and rot on the studs, unstable studs and non-standard window sizes. While local window companies professional Pella Architect Series window installers can deal these issues with ease, they may prove frustrating for recreational DIY homeowners.

Replace all my windows should take about half-a-day to an entire day at the most. Such projects also require specialized tools and materials to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly. If you are confident that you can take on the project on your own, it will still be best to seek the advice of experts and ask a Free Estimate when you purchase your replacement bay window.

When It is Best to DIY Glass Repair Services

There are times when replacing some window parts will be enough to restore its functionality. Recent bay window replacement models come in modular designs with replacement parts that are widely available. Pocket windows for example, have parts that can be easily pulled out using only basic tools.

Even with non-modular windows, replacement parts such as window sashes are also available. Making repairs on these windows with interior blinds will be easy, even for those with limited skills. You can also hire professional installers to repair your faulty windows if you don’t have the skills for the job. This will also be a good way to ensure that the replacement parts are installed properly and that the parts function as expected.

 Window Installers in Annandale

Annandale is one of the several census-designated places in Fairfax County in Virginia, with a population of over 40,000. Like other CDPs in Fairfax County, Annandale boasts of a diverse residential architecture from colonial styles to the more  typical American craftsman houses. When looking for professional window installers for your replacement project, It will be a good idea to choose only from established companies who have ample experience in installing double pane vs. triple pane windows that are identical to your preferred window.

Door Replacement and Installation Services:

Similar to windows, old and warped doors can be huge loss of energy efficiency for your home. Warped doors can leave large gaps or swell to become difficult to open. Rotting frames around your door can lead to even larger issues if and when the moisture from rain gets past the frame and into the wall or floor. All our energy efficient doors are designed to be extremely efficient and designed to last at least 20 years. This is why we do full frame replacement and make sure the entire door and frame around fit together perfectly.


Best Pella Lifestyle Series

Window Replacement DC works with top tier doors from Pella. Whether you need a new front entry door installation, patio door installation, sliding glass door, back door, or basement door installation, we have seven different product lines for you to choose from with variable styles, material options, glass, options, and other energy and paint options. If you are ready to get a free quote for your 3 panel sliding glass door project, fill out the form on the left and one of our window and door specialists will reach out to you shortly.

 Door Installers: Choose Carefully

An amazing door is only as good as its installation. You can purchase an amazing door, but if it is installed poorly it is equally as bad as getting a low quality door. This is because if a door is installed incorrectly often it leaves space to inside the frame and start rotting early or allows moisture to get inside and warp a section of the frame or door. Once this damage is done it often cannot be repaired. For this reason we use our certified Pella installers to install our doors who have the expertise to guarantee proper door installation.

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