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Do you know that up to 35% of your home’s monthly power consumption may be going to waste because of your windows? This is simply your hard-earned money going down the drain because you’re essentially paying for energy that you’re not using. Even if you make sure that your windows are closed shut to keep the heat in, it will not do much good because the energy waste is due to poor insulation. This is one of the most compelling reasons why it might benefit you to have replacement windows and installation home improvement project.

Double Pane Vs. Triple Pane Windows: Which Are Better?

One recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found out that certain types of window can make your home consume 15 to 35% more power because of poor insulating properties double pane vs. triple pane windows. Single panel windows with aluminum frames, the study suggests, have the worst insulation, losing up to 30% of the home’s generated heat every hour. On the other hand, double-pane windows with either wood or vinyl windows work best in insulating your home.

So what can you expect in a window replacement and installation project?

Window Replacement and Installation 101

Apart from reducing your home’s power consumption, there are other reasons why you may need to replace your rotting frame wood windows my window frames are rotting. These include deteriorating frame, rot, moisture and water seeping through seams or the whole window may be rattling and is no longer stable. Some homeowners may be reluctant to consider such a project because of its upfront costs. However, the initial expense of casement windows replacement project can be recouped in no time. Another bonus to replacing your windows include adding curb appeal to your exterior and increasing the market value of your property.

Will the Glass Repair & Replacement project disrupt your household normal activities?

In the hands of energy efficient windows installation experts, energy efficient replacement windows and installation project usually takes no longer than half-a-day. Sometimes, unexpected issues may arise such as rot in the house frame, unstable studs or bowing. Experts also anticipate such issues, which may extend the time needed to install your window to one day.

Replacement Windows Guide

Work usually takes place from the interior of a home, so if there will be any disruptions to your daily activities, it will most likely be confined near the window that is being worked on. Most of your other household activities, however, can proceed like normal save for the noise that the work may generate.

Can You Take on the Window Replacement Project On Your Own?

If you have prior experience in Pella/Renewal by Andersen/Thompson Creek custom windows replacement and installation, taking on the project yourself will help you save on labor costs. This project typically requires specialized tools and materials in order for the new windows to be installed properly on the house frame. It will be wise to leave the job to the experts who have the experience and tools to ensure that your window is installed the right way.

Call Your Local Window Companies and Get Free Estimate or “In-home Window Estimate”

Sometimes, issues with your Pella Lifestyle Series windows can be resolved by simply replacing some parts or replace all my windows. This task is significantly less labor-intensive and does not require much skill and experience to complete. Some Pella Architect Series windows with interior blinds – blinds between the glass also come in modular designs. Making repairs on these types of bay window is as simple as replacing its faulty parts. Pocket bay window replacement, for instance, have pull out sashes that do not require any specialized tools. 

Hyattsvile Window Installation Companies

Hyattsville is a city that sits in Prince George County, MD and is close to the country’s capital, Washington DC. The city is best known for its historical sites, as well as its university and arts districts. Hyattsville also boasts of a mix of residential architecture that range from rustic Americana houses to more modern all-American craftsman designs. When looking for local window companies to work on your home, make sure to choose reputable and established companies, preferably those who offer guarantees, warranties and Free Estimate or “In-home window estimate”.

Door Replacement and Installation Projects

There are many issues that can occur during energy efficient doors installation project. If the frame does not fit in the wall properly it can distort the frame and thus the operation of the brand new door. If there are any gaps around the frame and moisture is able to get into the wall/frame, the area can quickly start to rot which will quickly end the life of your door as the frame slowly starts to deteriorate. This is why proper entry door installation is crucial and why we have a team of certified installers. You can rest assured that our certified patio door installation and basement door installation installers will handle your window and sliding glass door projects with precision and care. Working through our experienced installers also guarantees you a strong warranty on the installation. We cannot speak for your local contractor, but we can guarantee our own installation.

Custom Doors and Windows

If you are unsure of what kind of window or door is best for your home, our window and door specialists will help guide you through the entire process and all the available options. Our seven different product lines provide serveral options of wood windows, fiberglass windows, composite or vinyl. We have multiple options such as aluminium clad exterior, internal shades between the glass panes, sound reduction glass and more. Are windows are designed to be extremely energy efficient, but you can customize them to be even more efficient with low-E coatings, argon and krypton gas layers, triple pane and more. If you are looking to get some new windows or 3 panel sliding glass door, schedule a free estimate today or call us!

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