Hinged (French) Patio Door

Choose the perfect patio or front entry door to match your home’s unique style.

Hinged (French) patio doors create a wide, welcoming entryway

Hinged or French patio doors creates a wide, elegant entrance into your Washington DC home by swinging from the sides. Easy-to-open and effective— these doors are an excellent choice for high-traffic entertaining areas. To deliver a functional style in a small space, Hinged French door can be fixed and inactive. 

Commonly known as: swinging patio door, garden door

Door panels that are hinged from the side and swing open from the middle are hinged or French patio doors. These type of doors can be either single or side-by-side configuration and are available as inswing (opening into the interior or the home) or outswing (opening up to the outside).

Side-by-side French patio doors can both work as active operation, meaning both doors are operable, or can be a combination of active/inactive, where one door is operable and one is stationary.

French patio doors combine a sophisticated and classic look with ease of operation. Hinged French doors offer a great option for entertaining.

  • Traditional, elegant look
  • Can open into a room or out to a patio;
  • Available as a single panel or as a 2-panel configuration


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