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If the exterior of your home looks a bit tired and dated, a window replacement can do wonders to it and while boosting the curb appeal of your property at the same time. Apart from aesthetics, newer windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home by as much as 35%. This means that whether you are looking to flip your home or want to cut utility costs, the new window will be a wise investment that will be sure to be worth its installation costs. 

Window Replacement and Installation: Is It Worth It?

Experts agree that homes with new windows have better marketability and desirability. For older homes, new windows will give it a more vibrant look that makes it more attractive to a wider range of prospective buyers. Although new windows may not look as noticeable in newer homes, realtors are quick to point out that buyers who express interest in buying a property are likely more willing to pay more for a home with new windows. Estimates from experts place the ROI for a window replacement around 85%.

A window replacement is also a worthwhile expense if you want to cut down on your power consumption. This is especially true for homes with aluminum-framed windows with single pane glass. A study from the University of Pennsylvania shows that windows that are single pane on aluminum frame can bump up electricity bills by as much as 35 percent because increased cooling and heating costs.

Researchers in the study tested various window frame models and observed that aluminum windows have poor thermal insulating properties. What makes aluminum frames even worse is that they will corrode over time, even with regular maintenance. If you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home, your best choice for a window would be a double pane wood or vinyl window, preferably with specialized coating.

DIY Glass Repair Service or Not?

A basic window replacement can be completed by someone with intermediate carpentry skills. However, those with limited experience may want to pass up on a window replacement and installation project for several reasons. Old windows can present unexpected problems that may require specialized skills and tools to resolve. These may include bowing in the house frame, wood rot in the frame, alignment problems, non-standard window sizes for older homes and unstable studs that need to be replaced.

In the case of windows that are older than 1978, the paint that was used back then had an unhealthy quantity of lead. This means that you shouldn’t be attempting to dismantle the window and start the project without first consulting with expert window installers.

Window Repair

In other cases, making repairs is enough to restore the functionality of a window. Recent window models often come in modular styles that make replacement of its faulty parts easier, even for those with basic handyman skills. Modular windows have widely available replacement parts, which is another good reason why you should consider updating your window to newer models.

If you have limited handyman skills and you feel that your window needs some fixing, it will be a good idea to take pictures or video of it to show to expert installers  who will give you advice on how to proceed. Hiring experts to do the job for you may be an added expense, but it is worth the cost just to ensure that the needed repairs are done properly.

Window Installers in Springfield

Springfield is a census-designated place within Fairfax County, VA. Homes in this CDP come in a wide range of styles, from rustic colonial styles, to craftsman to mid-century modern homes. Hiring window installers with extensive experience with these type of houses, will therefore go a long way in making sure that your new window is installed properly. 

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