Window Installation & Glass Repair Service in Bowie

There are obvious signs that tell you it is time to replace, or at least do some repairs on your window. The windows may no longer close properly, they don’t feel as stable as they used to or rain water and moisture is seeping through the seams. Structural damage such as rot in wood frames or corrosion in aluminum parts may also weaken your window and in the process, compromise the security of your home.

Other signs may be subtle, such as a sudden increase in your electric bill, which is sometimes due to windows that can no longer insulate your home efficiently. The change in the sound of your window closing, particularly in windows with wooden frames, can clue you in on rot that is taking place from inside the wood.

Do You Replace or Repair Your Windows?

Unless you have the experience and skills, the first thing that you should do is to have window installation experts examine your windows and ask them for advice. You may also take pictures or videos that show the problems that you are having with your windows. Once the experts figure out what the problem is, they can present you with options on how to fix it according to your budget.

Window Replacement or Installation?

Replacing a window means stripping the old one out right down to the house frame. This becomes necessary if your old windows are rotting and pose the risk of damaging the house window frame. Installation, on the other hand, involves adding more windows to a home and this can be even more labor intensive than a window replacement.

Whether you are replacing an old window or having a new one installed, both are major projects that will require intermediate to advanced carpentry skills. You may be able to save a few hundred dollars if you’re confident enough of your skills, but such projects are best left to the pros who have the right tools and experience to complete the project quickly and properly. The added cost will be worth the investment as most window installation professionals offer guarantees and have liability coverage.

Repairing Windows

Conducting regular maintenance and repair on your windows go a long way in keeping them working properly for a long time. Most modern windows have easily replaceable parts that cut down costs and make for easier repairs. Even those with limited skills may be able to replace a damaged window sash properly.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that even with seemingly minor window problems, it will be best to consult with experts before you make any repairs. Unless you know what you are doing, don’t try to fiddle with your window. You don’t want to risk turning a simple window repair to a major project that costs several hundred dollars more.

Window Replacement and Installation Companies in Bowie

Homes in Bowie, MD, come in a wonderful mix of both traditional and modern designs. Window replacement projects for rustic and traditional homes can prove to be more challenging and delicate. Sometimes, it will also be necessary to update the window and window materials for such homes to protect the house frame and make maintenance so much easier. It is for these kind of projects where you should prioritize experience and skill when looking for professional window installers.

Even if your home is a more recent design, windows are an integral part of it and you’ll want one that is installed properly. You may also want to consider shifting to vinyl windows, which are virtually maintenance free and lasts much longer than wood. They also come in a wide variety of designs that can even replicate the look and texture of wood.

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