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Specialty windows put worldly style within your reach

Specialty windows offer unique beauty and style of service and selected from fine homes worldwide. They are designed to increase culture and character to your home, with seven window styles commonly found abroad.

Commonly known as: French Casement, Push Out Casement, Push Out French Casement, In-Swing Casement, In-Swing French Casement, Tilt-Turn, Hopper

Specialty windows feature seven styles of windows that are more commonly seen in homes around the world. These window styles are less popular in the United States and will provide your Washington DC home a luxurious and unique appeal. 

  • French Casement — Side-by-side casement sashes that open from either side. There is no center astragal with this design, allowing for complete ventilation and an unobstructed view.
  • Push Out Casement — A casement window that operates with a turn of a handle and gentle push rather than a hinge crank.
  • Push Out French Casement — Side-by-side casement sashes that open from the center with a gentle push, offering the unobstructed view of a traditional French Casement with an alternative operation style.
  • In-Swing Casement — Opens into the interior of a room instead of out, this style operates with a “pull” motion rather than a crank.
  • In-Swing French Casement — Side-by-side in-swing sashes that open into the room.
  • Tilt-Turn — A common European window style, tilt-turn windows offer two ways to open the sash. Turn the handle 90 degrees to swing the sash into a room, or 180 degrees to tilt the sash in to vent from the top.
  • Hopper — Similar to an awning window, but vents at the top, opening into the interior of a room.


Vivid View Screen

Window Replacement’s high-transparency screen is virtually unseen and truly brings the outside in.

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Window Replacement’s standard high-transparency screen offers a clearer view than traditional fiberglass screens available with no upcharge.

Conventional Fiberglass Screen

Sturdy and functional, fiberglass screen enables the light and breeze in with a standard level of visibility.

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